Renaissance Village

LOCATION: Centennial Plaza

Open daily from noon to 8 p.m.


King & Queen of Renaissance Village

Have you declared your loyalty to the throne? Given your offerings to the royal family? Been summoned by their majesties? Come see their Highnesses as they hold court all 11 days at the Oklahoma State Fair!


The Dark Knights 

The Dark Knights have made the journey to Oklahoma to fight for your honor! Watch as the sport stars of the mid-16th century try to joust each other off their horse with a lance, fight hand to hand with swords and woo a fair maiden or two!


A Mirage Dance Company

 Join us on a journey back in time where beautiful   women trained in Middle Eastern dance bring the   smells of frankincense and myrrh along with the   rhythm and sounds of jingling bells made from their   intricate movements.


Jester Rejects 

No one wants to be called a reject, but these guys do! Step into the crazy world of these twin brothers as they delight you with their silly antics, funny juggling skills and hysterical jokes that will have you laughing until the dragons come home.


The Longbow Show

 Follow your arrow to the Longbow Show and watch Robyn   and The Hood do amazing shots such as hitting two balloons   at once, shooting moving targets or shooting an apple   behind their back! Learn about the history of the longbow   then get the chance to test your aim!


Casey & Minna

Listen carefully for the wonderful Celtic sounds of our wandering minstrels as they strum their way around the Renaissance Village and end up on stage to woo the crowd with their lively and beautiful melodies.


Artisans Alcove

Come and find your one-of-a-kind Renaissance wares from one of our authentic artisans. From kilts to swords to flower crowns, everything Renaissance can only be found at the Artisans Alcove in Renaissance Village.



 Get your kicks at Renboots! Find the perfect pair of   boots to walk around the Village and some fashionable   accessories to complete your Renaissance outfit!


Kommando Kilts 

Get re-acquainted to your Scottish roots with kilts that will have you feeling light and airy. Pair your new kilt with the perfect Sporran to finish off the look!




 Fairies, dragons and wizards – oh my! Get your faces painted with your favorite medieval character. Want to be a princess? You got it. A Fairy? Just add wings & a flower crown. A fierce fire breathing dragon? They can do that too!



Camelot Arms 

Both big and little knights will be ready to protect their castle and maidens with these handsome, Oklahoma-made wooden weapons. With hundreds to choose from, they’ll be able to  pick the perfect sword and shield to wield!


 The Longbow Shop 

 Did you see their archery show? Want to see if you have   what it takes to be the next Robyn and The Hood?   Come test your aim for $5 for seven arrows. Once   hooked, you’ll be ready to walk away with your own bow   & arrows!


The Village Faire 

Have you worked up a Medieval appetite? Good! We've partnered with Netterfield's Concessions to bring you a feast of Renaissance treats! Sink your teeth into a turkey leg, quench your thirst with Dragon’s Blood (pink lemonade) or have an open-faced meat pie (pizza) to split with fellow lords and ladies. These are just a few examples of foods you will find at the Renaissance Village!