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AGtropolis is not a petting zoo – it is an agricultural education adventure!  AGtropolis presents Oklahoma’s rich agricultural industry in a kid-friendly environment, allowing children a first-hand look at the farm-to-market process. With animals, exhibits and demonstrations around every corner, AGtropolis is one of the most visited destinations at the State Fair!


Shows, Demos and Exhibits

There will be daily demonstrations including Honey Extraction, Soap Making, Alpaca Wool Working and more. The animals from the Barnyard Birthing Center, formerly in Barn 3,  are now included in the Oklahoma Expo Hall # 2, and you will also get to see live surgeries performed by the OVMA Veterinarians. The Insect Adventure is back with expert entomologists from OSU will be on hand throughout the State Fair to give you the best in insect education. 


Volunteers Needed

Thanks to the Oklahoma FFA Chapters assisting with AGtropolis!


Oklahoma High School FFA Chapters assist as ambassadors and caretakers in AGtropolis.  We could not provide this wonderful agricultural learning experience without the dedication and expertise of the FFA students. 


FFA Leaders

If you would like to reserve a shift for your students during the 2018 Oklahoma State Fair, please email Marc Pankow.



Meet the Cityfolk

Chuck Flank A.K.A. Bullman

With more than 55,000 ranches across the state, it’s not surprising that beef is tops in Oklahoma agriculture. But you might be surprised to find out that AGtropolis’ most successful businessman, Chuck Flank, is also the city’s very own caped crusader: Bullman!


Dr. Meg Yolk

Dr. Yolk, the resident scientist, is an ‘eggspert’ in nutrition. She spends her time making sure the people of AGtropolis eat a well-balanced diet that includes lots of nutrient rich eggs.


Mr. Al Paca

AGtropolis’ newest resident just arrived from South America. As the town’s tailor, he makes beautiful handmade clothes from his hypoallergenic fleece.


Queen BeeAtrice

Who knows the buzzzzz around the city? Queen BeeAtrice! As the mother of the biggest honeybee hive in the city, the Queen Bee sends out her workers to pollinate crops and produce honey.


Ranger Billy and Kid Karryall 

Ranger Billy and Kid Karryall work together to monitor AGtropolis’ parks and recreation areas. They are both ‘eating machines’ and often spend their work day ‘mowing’ down unwanted vegetation keeping the park areas clear of debris and undergrowth.



One of the first residents of AGtropolis, Dolly is admired for her fleece. Sheep’s wool is the most widely used animal fiber in the world! She's the home economics teacher and chief of the volunteer fire department because sheep are commonly used to eat unwanted vegetation, helping to reduce the risk of wildfires.


Scoops McPig 

Rooting around for a good news story makes Scoops McPig as happy as, well, a pig in mud! Be sure to read all about the reasons agriculture is important to everyone in the headlines throughout the city.



Tripsey the Ladybug is the travel agent at the Metro-Transit Bug Hub making sure all of AGtropolis’ insect residents make their connections to the next step in the life cycle of crops. When Tripsey isn’t at the Bug Hub, she patrols local gardens and farms keeping them free from pests without the use of pesticides.


Public Works and Tourism Staffers

Oklahoma High School FFA Chapters serve as the AGtropolis Public Works and Tourism Staff. Public Works ensures that everything in our “Fair” town is fully operational and that all the citizens have their daily needs met including feed, water and clean accommodations. The Tourism staffers make certain that all AGtropolis guests can easily learn their way around and leave with increased knowledge of the Agriculture Industry in Oklahoma.