Sept. 12 - 22, 2024

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NEW! Laser Light Extravaganza

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LOCATION: Circle Stage Picnic Area

It’s time to light up the Oklahoma State Fair sky and a 30-foot screen every night at 8, 9, and 10 p.m. Grab some grub and find a seat on the grass or at one of the many picnic tables to enjoy 20 minutes of rockin’ choreographed music to an amazing laser light show!  

NEW! Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show

LOCATION: Bandshell Lawn

At one time there were over 500,000 lumberjacks in the US alone. Famous for encouraging change and modernizing equipment, they used their strength, skill, and athletic abilities to do the dangerous work of felling and preparing trees for domestic use. This skill of strength and danger has led to today’s modern lumberjack competitions which will be performed just for you three times per day. Come and cheer on your favorite lumberjack to victory! 


LOCATION: Centennial Plaza

Standing 10 feet tall and weighing in at over 10,000 pounds, this 2020 RAM 2500 Power Wagon will be putting on a show every day! Stop by between shows for your chance to climb into the back of this Hall Brothers Racing, 565 cubic-inch Supercharged Hemi monster truck for a ride around the track!

NEW! Rock n Rolling Piano

LOCATION: The Circle & Wichita Walk

Be on the lookout for a strolling piano around the Circle, down Wichita Walk to Gordon Cooper three times a day. Catch up with this rockin’ piano and be captivated by this extremely talented musician who drives, plays, and sings, all at the same time!

NEW! Kids Pedal Tractor Pull

LOCATION: Gordon Cooper Boulevard

There is nothing more fun than seeing your kid pedal as fast as their little legs can go pulling a weight transfer sled down a 25’ track. With all their might, it’s kids against machine to reach the finish line first and make the finals. Ages 4 to 12 can participate so grab your li’l farmer and get there early to sign-up. 

NEW! The Captain’s Canines

LOCATION: Plaza Stage

Shiver me timbers! A new pirate captain with a fleet of scallywag puppies has raided the Oklahoma State Fair and made landfall at the pirate’s Plaza Stage. With three shows a day, you can catch the act, but be very careful because these seadogs might bootleg your heart.  

Pirate Game Show

LOCATION: Plaza Stage

Arrr you ready for a totally interactive game show with a pirate twist? The ship has weighed anchor and will raid the Plaza once per day with the Pirate Game Show. Fun for all ages, it’s time for adults and kids to experience what family fun is all about. Prepare yourself to laugh, jump up and down, and walk the plank. You may even win your very own pirate hat.

Pirate Sea Foam Zone

LOCATION: Plaza Stage

Captain Bones and his crew of pirates sailed their ship, the Plaza Privateer, to the Oklahoma State Fair with a wake of mysterious sea foam following them into port. Sail your schooner to the Fair and see how Captain Bones turns this pirate foam phenomena into a family fun Pirate Foam Zone. 

Kids Can Cook!

LOCATION: Bennett Event Center Kids Korner

Can your kid follow directions? Do they love being in the kitchen? Why not combine these two things and take a chance to learn how to cook? Ms. Diane will call 8 kids from ages 3 to 17 to participate in this 30 minute show and make some amazing and fun recipes!

Registration takes place at the Kids Can Cook stage located on the west end of the Bennett Event Center, 45 minutes before each show.


Great American Speedway Crazy Animal Races

LOCATION: Centennial Plaza

Inter-species animal racing like you’ve never seen before! Goat, sheep, chickens, pigs and other surprise animals wear racing silks as they hoof and waddle their way around and sometimes over the track.

Great American Pig Races

LOCATION: Centennial Plaza

If you’ve never been to a pig race, get ready to go   HOG WILD! These little oinkers run as fast as their   pudgy legs can take ‘em, all to win a cookie waiting  at the finish line.

Martial Arts LIVE!

LOCATION: Circle Stage

 Get inspired as certified instructors and their   students of all ages, from different studios across   the city, demonstrate various forms of martial arts.   Following the demonstrations, talk to the instructors   about how you can get your black belt on.

Runa Pacha Wind Rhythms

LOCATION: Circle Stage

These musicians are a younger generation of Inca and Navajo descendants carrying on the rich cultural traditions that they inherited from their ancestors.