Oklahoma Frontier Experience

Open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 


As soon as you pass through the rugged entrances and split rail fencing, you’ll wonder if you’ve left the Oklahoma State Fair and entered the Wild West! Oklahoma Frontier Experience (OFE) is an interactive discovery zone that steps back in time through shows, demonstrations, and activities designed to give both city slickers and country folk an experience they will never forget.

Wild West Showcase

The heroes and outlaws from all the Frontier shows, along with several new special guests, unite for The Wild West Showcase twice a day. The Showcase celebrates the serious and the comedic Oklahoma frontier and features the old-fashioned thrills of trick roping and trick riding combined with modern stunts that will delight fairgoers of all ages.

Check back often for special guest updates!


NEW for 2019!  Charro Gabriel Hernandez

Gabriel Hernandez began riding horses before he could walk and is one of the youngest performing charros at the age of 14. This charro rides his horse, El Vallo, and is a rare left-handed talent that comes from many generations of experienced horsemen.  Catch him every night at the 7:30 p.m. show.


Rider Kiesner - World’s Fastest Rope & Gun Spinner 

Spinnin’ it up a notch, Watch as Rider twirls and throws his guns while performing in the Wild  West Showcase!



Jessica Blair Fowlkes, Liberty Rider 

Dazzling audiences across the nation, this girl sparkles as she performs crazy things on her four fun-loving horses. You’ll be awed with her trick riding splendor and liberty exhibition.


Bruce Neconie, Hoop Dancer

 This amazing performer returns for his third year   as one of America’s greatest hoop dancers. Using   one to thirty or more hoops, in storytelling ritual,   shapes are formed such as the butterfly, eagle,   snake and coyote, with the hoop symbolizing the   never-ending circle of life. You’ll have to catch his   hoop skills in the afternoons because he’ll only be   performing during the 1:00 p.m. showcase each day.


Frontier Shows

NEW for 2019! Flyin' Fiddler Wayne Cantwell

Mr. Cantwell makes his first appearance at the Oklahoma State Fair with his fiddle thrown in a gunny sack over his shoulder. Using an old time clawhammer banjo and fiddle, he’ll perform traditional music of the open prairie or what you would have heard around a campfire or during an old western barn dance.


Just a Little Horse Sense 

Once a day, the Oklahoma Frontier Experience posse will show you the astounding relationship that can be formed between human and horse. Get to the Fair early because you don’t want to miss this.


ShenaniGuns! “Bad Bob”


The Wild West goes wack-o when Sheriff Hoppalong Casually, Deputy Leon Jones, Bad Bob and Bubba Bob fire off a laugh-a-minute load of funny one-liners, silly sight gags and crack-up cornball comedy.


Plains Indian Dancers

Oklahoma is home to numerous Indian tribes. What better way to honor the tradition than through dance! Under the direction of Laura Bushyhead, the color and pageantry of Native America lives on in the daily performances by some of Oklahoma's best dancers.


Oklahoma Frontier Cloggers 

 What do you get when you combine tap with line   dancing? Hold on to yer hat as three Oklahoma   clogging clubs, City with Just a Lil’ Country   Cloggers, Cottonwood Creek Cloggers and The   Okie Stompers combine forces to bring the   ultimate toe-tappin’ show. 


Discover the Frontier!

The wild ways of the Oklahoma frontier seep into every part of OFE. See cowboys singing and talking about the trail as they sit around the chuck wagon camp. Look inside a life-size teepee and get up close and personal with Longhorn cattle and horses.


NEW for 2019! Early American Potter

From digging up the clay to the finished product, learn what it took to make pottery back in the 1800’s. Showcasing her amazing craftsmanship, Reggie will show you the various methods it takes to make products that were used in the frontier’s everyday life!


“Little” John, The Broom Maker 

Be swept off your feet by this historical demonstration of broom making. Watch as “Little” John handcrafts a rustic broom out of natural materials.


Scottish Soap Maker

Using a 200-year-old family recipe and a fifth-generation iron soap pot, watch Deborrah Burnett make Scottish Lye Soap one batch at a time, cooked slowly over an open fire, then ladled into wood tray forms.


Deep Fork Chuck Wagon Cookin' 

David and Sheryl Roberts’ working chuck wagon display takes you back in time when modern conveniences just didn’t exist. Timing is everything and maybe you’ll be able to sample of taste of the old west and Oklahoma grub.


Blacksmiths of the Frontier 

 The Saltfork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmiths   show fairgoers the art and skill of   blacksmithing. Frontier blacksmiths forged   items out of necessity; today's blacksmiths are   using those same skills to make everything from   tools and decorative pieces to jewelry.


Lost Art of Wooden Bowl Turning 

Using a human-powered spring pole lathe, Roger Abrahamson shows crowds bowl turning techniques that date back thousands of years.


For the Li'l Wranglers

Mutton Bustin’ 

If your child lives for excitement and dreams of riding in the rodeo, then let him/her try mutton busting. Maybe you'll discover the next NFR Bull Riding Champion? Registration and waivers required; restrictions apply.


Registration takes place at the OK Kid’s Corral, inside OFE, 30 minutes before each show.

Ages 4-6, max 60 lbs. (strictly enforced)

 All children must weigh-in, no exceptions. Each child must have parent/guardian sign a release. A helmet & vest will be provided and must be worn. No spurs or ropes allowed. Each show is first-come, first-served as entry is limited.


OK Kids' Corral Activities 

 Grab yer hat and ride on in for the sack racin’   stampede, the stick horse rodeo or some   dummy ropin’ fun held in the OK Kids’ Corral.   Before you leave, be sure to have yer kin snap a   picture at the Li’l Wrangler Photo Op.