Sept. 12 - 22, 2024

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The Hands-On Spot

LOCATION: Modern Living Building

Engaging your Mind, Body & Creativity

Three zones – action, brain and creative – make up The Hands-On Spot. Fairgoers, especially tweens to adults, will find themselves physically, mentally and creatively challenged in this non-stop interactive area.



Sunday – Thursday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Friday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


Action Zone

Have you been in the couch potato zone lately? If so, then it’s time to get up and get active. Be ready to challenge your body when you learn a new sport and test your balance, stamina, hand/eye coordination and rhythm in the Action Zone.

State Game Craze & Fitness Fun 

Did you know that after high school or college, you can still compete nationally in your beloved sport? All you need to do is qualify during the Oklahoma State Games or the Senior State Games, both held annually across Oklahoma. Senior State Games representatives will be on hand to tell you about all the sports available to you and to see how fit you still are. The Oklahoma Table Tennis Club will test your reflexes and hand/eye coordination with a fun game of table tennis. Don’t worry – they are excellent teachers.  Then evaluate your body at four one-minute fitness stations. Will your name be at the top of the leader boards at the end of each day?  Where comfy clothes because it’s time to get ACTIVE!

Provided by Oklahoma Senior Games 

Pickleball 101

What is the fastest growing sport in America today and one of the many state games? Pickleball! It has a funny name but it’s an amazing sport everyone can learn in minutes and play together for a lifetime. The Greater Oklahoma City Pickleball Club will teach you the skills you need to be the next Pickleball gold medalist!

Provided by the Greater OKC Pickleball Club

Let’s Get Physical – Throwback Style

Get back to basics and get physical with some throwback activities of yesteryear.  See if you still have what it takes to jump rope or hula-hoop for an extended period. Have you ever tried Chinese jump roping? NO? Here’s your chance to learn more physical and fun activities to keep you young.

NEW! Balance Challenge

As we get older, balance is so important and it’s never too late to improve yours. Whether you’re 9 or 90, it is time to test your balance skills. Three levels of balance boards await you. Start off on the wobble board at level 1 and see if you can keep it level using both legs. How about using only 1 leg?  Can you outlast your friend, family member, or spouse? Level 2 introduces you to the surfer board, which is a little harder. Finally, if you have mastered the first two boards then you’re ready for the Whirly Board at level 3. It’s okay to ask your friend or even a stranger to stand close in case you need a little balancing help. Just how good is your balancing act?

Donated by inventor, Eric Olson

Brain Zone

If exercise is good for the body, why wouldn’t it be good for the brain? Come and test your wits in the Brain Zone!

NEW! Explore the World of Esports

A new STEM activity that stimulates the brain as well as dexterity has entered the Brain Zone!

Are you an aspiring computer programmer, a hardcore gamer, or budding graphic designer with a killer competitive spirit? Esports may be what you are looking for and now you can find out during the 11 days of the Fair.

Oklahoma Christian University’s nationally ranked collegiate Esports program and other university departments bring this new interactive area to Fair patrons of all ages to experience and learn about the world of esports and other STEM activities.  

Hosted by Oklahoma Christian University Esports 

Brain Teasers

Challenge your brain and see if you have what it takes to solve one of our mind-boggling brain teasers. With a little patience and brain power, you’ll figure it out!

Puzzle Pitstop

Work both your right and left brain while refreshing your knowledge of United State geography and state capitals. Jigsaw puzzles require concentration and improve your cognition, short-term memory, and visual-spatial reasoning. This jumbo-sized puzzle will be just what the doctor ordered. 


A game of skill and strategy, this mega-size chess set is waiting for you to challenge your friends and family to a duel of mental agility and find out who will be the next grandmaster of this mind sport.

Creative Zone

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on,” which is what we are doing! In the Creative Zone, it’s time to let loose and find your inner performing or visual artist. You might be surprised how creative you really are.

NEW! Flower Power (age 13+)

It’s simple – flowers make people happy! Find your inner florist and create your personal silk flower masterpiece to take home with you. You will be issued a claim ticket so you can pick it up after you enjoy all the Fair has to offer. All supplies you need are provided for free! 

Creation Station (age 12 & under)

This fun make it & take it area (for kids age 12 and under) is located in the Creative Zone. Spin art, coloring, and a fun surprise craft are the art projects kids can make and take home.

Metal Sculpting (age 13+)

Storyville Puppet Theatre

Welcome to Storyville, USA, where we set the stage for fun and You Are the Star! Puppeteering is a unique form of the arts and this is your chance to try your “hand” at it. Make a simple paper puppet at Creation Station or use one of the theater’s puppets to put on a show for our Fair audience. Team up with your spouse, best friends, kids or a fellow fairgoer and take the stage with your unique story.

Creation Station

You see it at the arts festivals and say, “I could do that,” and we say, “yes, you can!” Take a break from the busy carnival and become a modern-day metal sculptor. Junk metal, wire, glue, and gloves are the supplies you’ll have at your disposal to create a memorable piece of metalwork.