New for 2021! Kids Can Cook!

LOCATION: Bennett Event Center

Can your kid follow directions? Do they love being in the kitchen? Why not combine 

these two things and take a chance to learn how to cook? Ms. Diane Linderman will call up to 10 kids from ages 5 to 18 to participate in this 30-minute show and make some amazing and fun recipes!


New for 2021! GASCAR
Great American Speedway Crazy Animal Races

LOCATION: Centennial Plaza 

Inter-species animal racing like you’ve never seen before! Goat, sheep, chickens, pigs and other surprise animals wear racing silks as they hoof and waddle their way around and sometimes over the track.


New for 2021! Great American Pig Races 

LOCATION: Centennial Plaza 

If you've never been to a pig race, get ready to go   HOG WILD! These little oinkers run as fast as their   pudgy legs can take ‘em, all to win a cookie waiting  at the finish line.


Puppies of Penzance


LOCATION: Plaza Stage 

Avast Ye Mateys! This merry band o’ mutts will blow ye away with their brisk and energetic dog show that sets sail three times a day aboard a pup manned pirate ship.


Kids Celebration

NEW LOCATION: Plaza Stage 

Kids Celebration is back, in a new location and with a bit of a pirate twist.  It’s time for adults and kids to experience what family fun is all about. Prepare yourself to laugh, jump up and down, get your game on and become part of the show?


Martial Arts LIVE!

 LOCATION: Circle Stage

 Get inspired as certified instructors and their   students of all ages, from different studios across   the city, demonstrate various forms of martial arts.   Following the demonstrations, talk to the instructors   about how you can get your black belt on.


Runa Pacha Wind Rhythms

LOCATION: The Circle 

These musicians are a younger generation of Inca and Navajo descendants carrying on the rich cultural traditions that they inherited from their ancestors.