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Great TASTE of a Fair

Great TASTE of a Fair is open to any food vendor contracted to participate in the 2022 Oklahoma State Fair. Whether it’s skewered, deep-fried, rolled up, smothered, sprinkled, piled, drizzled or dipped – It’s all FAIR GAME!



The Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. marketing department will send out a press release with contest results on Opening Day of the Fair and multiple contest-related updates will be made on the State Fair’s social media outlets.

The judging panel for Great TASTE of a Fair is made up of local “celebrities,” members of the media and others in the food industry, which could provide opportunity for on-camera demos and special-interest stories, so be prepared!


2022 Results

FAIRest of Them All

Apple Pie Churro Bites by Project Krave

Sweetest of the Sweet

First Place: Apple Pie Churro Bites, Project Krave
Second Place: Minneblueberry Pie, The Original Minneapple Pie
Third Place: Freeze Dried Milk Duds, Gram’s Sweet Treats

Slice of Savory

First Place: Coconut Shrimp, The Bacon Habit
Second Place: Honey Pepper Bacon Dog, The Urb Express
Third Place: Gilty Mac & Cheese, Gilty Pleasure

New to the Scene

First Place: Alligator Corn Dog, The Pioneer Wagon
Second Place: Big Banana Split Pie, Cutie Pies Concessions
Third Place: Chicken Bacon Ranch Waffle Stick, Waffle Chix



Holly Kinyon