4-H and FFA Exhibits

LOCATION: Oklahoma Expo Hall #1 & #3

Oklahoma 4-H and FFA students work hard all year to get their projects ready for the Fair in hopes of winning a blue ribbon! Take time to review their exhibits and entries and check out the talents of these students.



LOCATION: Oklahoma Expo Hall #2 

AGtropolis is an agricultural education adventure! It presents Oklahoma’s rich agricultural industry in a kid-friendly environment, allowing you a first-hand look at the farm-to-market process. With animals, exhibits and demonstrations around every corner, AGtropolis is one of the most visited destinations at the State Fair! Fairgoers can find daily demonstrations, the Barnyard Birthing Center and so many more displays, exhibits and sources of information. Insect Adventure is back with expert entomologists from OSU on hand throughout the State Fair to give you the best in insect education.

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Antique Tractor Display

LOCATION: Wichita Walk

See these amazingly preserved beauties on Wichita Walk between the Oklahoma Expo Hall and The Pavilion. They may be antiques, but they still have spark and their engines will fire up on Wednesday, September 22, at noon during the Senior Day Parade.


Auto Show & Ride Along Pavilion

LOCATION: The Pavilion

The Auto Show and Ride Along Pavilion will include exhibits from Chevrolet, Hyundai, Metro Ford Customs, Oklahoma City Volkswagen and Toyota.

Visitors can ride along in electric vehicles from Chevrolet, Toyota and OKC Volkswagen on the brand new Indoor Ride Along Track, open from noon to 8 p.m. daily.

The 18 hole Mini Golf course will be back again and each player will get to keep their own golf ball.


Barnyard Birthing Center 

LOCATION: Oklahoma Expo Hall #2

The Barnyard Birthing Center allows Fairgoers the opportunity to learn about animal husbandry including the birthing process, as well as veterinary science and animal production. Speak with and learn from professionals from the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association. Mother Nature dictates all, despite our attempts to coordinate the schedule, but you may get lucky enough to witness the miracle of life - if not, you will still get a chance to see these newest animals.


Gentle Giants of Express

LOCATION: Super Barn

Don't miss these beautiful and behemoth horses presented by Express Ranches. Of a rare black and white color, the Express Clydesdales average 17-18 hands, or six feet high, at the shoulder and weigh more than 2,000 pounds each. The beautiful black to grey Percherons of Express will also be in attendance during the Fair.


Creative Arts Exhibits

LOCATION: Creative Arts Building

The Creative Arts Building features beautiful and unique handmade exhibits by Oklahoma crafters and artisans. There are also demonstrations of unique disciplines within the creative arts such as pottery making, decorating, metal-sculpting and more!


Great American Petting Farm & Pony Trail Ride 

NEW LOCATION: Bandshell Lawn

Once inside, this petting farm has no barriers so all animals run freely. You’re going to love it! After your visit to the farm, let your l'il cowboys and cowgirls saddle up and hit the trail sittin' high atop their own horse and goin' their own pace. No going round and round on this pony ride.


The Hands-On Spot

LOCATION: Modern Living Building

Three zones - action, brain and creative - make up The Hands-On Spot. If exercise is good for the body, why wouldn't it be good for the brain? Come and test your wits in the brain zone with brain teasers, life-size chess and robotics. Maybe you've been a couch potato lately and you need to get active. The action zone will test your balance, stamina and hand-eye coordination through several physical activities like Pickleball with the Greater Oklahoma City Pickleball Club or rowing with the Oklahoma Senior Games. In the creative zone, let loose and find your inner artist, you might surprise yourself with how creative you are.

Sunday – Thursday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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Oklahoma Frontier Experience 

LOCATION: Oklahoma Frontier Experience

As soon as you pass through the rugged entrances and split rail fencing, you’ll wonder if you’ve left the Oklahoma State Fair and entered the Wild West! Oklahoma Frontier Experience is an interactive discovery zone that steps back in time through shows, demonstrations, and activities designed to give both city slickers and country folk an experience they will never forget. 

Open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Oklahoma Student Art Exhibits

LOCATION: Oklahoma Children's Theater Arts Annex

The Oklahoma Student Art Exhibition is a juried art show open to all Oklahoma students grades Pre-K thru 12. Participating schools submit student artwork and distinguished jurors examine each piece entered in the competition. Hundreds of pieces are juror-selected and exhibited for the run of the Fair in this building.


Spirit of Oklahoma Exhibit

NEW LOCATION: Bennett Event Center

This historical exhibit uses sculptures and displays to honor Oklahoma and the Oklahoma State Fair. Take a stroll and reminisce about days gone by.